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Fix ”Google Play Authentication is Required” Error

If you have this problem, you can try to clear data and cache for google play store. Follow the following steps if you don’t know how.

  1. Go to Settings -> Application or Application manager on some
  2. From there select on google play store
  3. Tap the clear cache and clear data button
  4. Close and reopen google play store

The error should be gone by now.

Exporting large database on phpMyAdmin

Exporting large database from most web hosting company can be quite problematic due to their server timeout limit setting.

To get around this problem one alternative solution is to check which table has the most size and export it individually, then you can export the rest of the table by excluding the one you already exported it before.

Android Phone Navigation Key Not Working

Recently my Android phone navigation key stopped working, and factory reset didn’t do any good at all.

If you have this problem, and in need of a quick fix you can try this temporary solution.

  1. Access Playstore
  2. Search for “button savior”
  3. choose one and install

After installation, a list of navigation button would be available on the side of the screen. Depending on which app you install it can be on the right / left / bottom of the screen. You can use this button as a temporary replacement for the original android navigation button (until you can fix the real problem that is).

Create a Unique Strong Memorable Password for Every Account

A strong password need to have the combination of letters, numbers, and symbols. Also you need to make it as lengthy as you can.
Problem is, when we have many accounts it can be hard to remember each one, not to mention the must use of combination and symbols all that stuff.

Here’s a trick I use to make unique different strong password for every account:
Create or generate a strong password that is easy for you to remember. Consider making a lengthy and full of combination password,  for tutorial purpose lets take *3X4MpL3_Pa5S# as a password.

Take the first and last letter of the site name. For example we’ll use sitename.com, so you would have s and e

Combine it with your password and you will have s*3X4MpL3_Pa5S#e as a password, and if you create an account in another site, e.g: another.com you will have a*3X4MpL3_Pa5S#r as a password.

Therefore it would be different for each account in different site. Of course this is only a simple method to create a unique pass, you can be creative and make your own pattern, that way only you will know and understand the pattern.

Prevent Virus Spreads on Windows XP by Disabling USB Autoplay

Windows autoplay actually was created to simplify the use of peripheral devices like USB storage devices, memory cards, and MP3 players by running the software needed to access and view the content on these devices automatically.

To prevent virus accessing your computer from USB devices you can stop the autoplay feature by following these steps :

  • Open up windows Run and type gpedit.msc
  • Now choose administrative templates then system on the viewtree.
  • Look to windows column on the right and search for Turn off autoplay, double click it.
  • A new windows will appear, click the enable radio button and select all drives.

And thats it, you are one step more protected from viruses.